1 Tevet 5765
13 December, 2004

6:50 AM
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10 December, 2004
AUD 3.2735 -0.256%
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  °C °F
Beersheva 10-17 50-62
Dead Sea 14-18 57-64
Eilat 12-22 53-71
Galilee 5-11 41-51
Golan 5-11 41-51
Haifa 9-16 48-60
Jerusalem 7-14 44-57
Tel-Aviv 12-19 53-66
Tiberias 8-18 46-64

Shabbat Start/End

Parasha: Miketz
Amsterdam 4:09 5:27
Antwerp 4:17 5:33
Atlanta 5:11 6:10
Berlin 3:34 4:52
Boston 3:54 4:59
Budapest 3:35 4:45
Chicago 4:01 5:06
Cleveland 4:39 5:43
Jerusalem 3:56 5:16
Johannesburg 6:35 7:32
London 3:37 4:53
Los Angeles 4:26 5:25
Manchester 3:31 4:51
Melbourne 7:17 8:22
Miami 5:13 6:08
Montreal 3:49 4:58
New York 4:10 5:13
Paris 4:36 5:48
Perth 6:58 7:59
Philadelphia 4:18 5:20
San Francisco 4:33 5:34
Seattle 4:00 5:10
Sydney 6:41 7:43
Tel-Aviv 4:19 5:17
Toronto 4:22 5:29
Vancouver 3:56 5:09
Washington DC 4:28 5:30

Eleven IDF casualties in terrorist attack near Kibbutz Kerem Shalom

No details as to condition of soldiers have been released. Major battle between Fatah-Tanzim and Hamas terrorists and IDF forces.


Security forces nab terror cell behind Café Hillel bombing

Members of Hamas cell from Beit Lakiya, who were also involved in attack, led forces to “forward cell”, which consisted of Hamas members from East Jerusalem.


Sharon and Yishai meet ahead of Shas-Likud Coalition talks

According to officials, PM told Yishai he was interested in forming alliance with Shas. Talks with UTJ to start Sunday, meeting with Labor to resume.


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How long will a Likud-Labor-UTJ-Shas government last? previous polls

2-3 months

3-6 months

6-12 months

Till end of term

Daily News

Sharon critical of media coverage of IDF
In wake of recent reports about alleged moral deficiencies in soldiers’ conduct, PM said, “There is a sick passion to publish things even if they are incorrect”.

Senior IDF officer meets top terrorist
Brig. Gen. Eizenkot decided to meet Imad Kawasme, who was detained two months ago, in an attempt to understand what goes on in the mind of a terrorist.

Abu Mazen apologises to Kuwait over Iraq support
PLO chairman made his apology shortly after arriving in Kuwait on the first visit by a Palestinian leader since the 1991 Gulf War.

Azzam Azzam joins Likud
Maariv has learned that recently released ‘spy’ has filled out party application forms. Announcement of new Likud recruit supposed to be made Tuesday.

Youth club severely damaged in mortar attack
No injuries reported in barrage on Gaza settlement of Nissanit this morning. On Friday, five Israelis were injured in mortar attack, two of them seriously.

Ya’alon wants full extension of his term
CoS notified Sharon and Mofaz that if his term were not extended by a full year, he would immediately announce his retirement.

Business News

Banks hired 1,000 new employees in the past four months
Despite talk about massive layoffs in Israeli banks, figure jumped 2.2% to reach 46,900. Data also shows size of public sector unchanged.

Treasury mulling small loans fund
Will provide loans of up to NIS 60,000 for small businesses

Annual poverty report paints bleak picture
1.426 million people in Israel (22.4% of population) live below poverty line, 119,000 more than previous year.

Sheri Arison mulls entering Bezeq tender
Eurocom Group owned by Shaul Alovitch and Arison has been negotiating with majority of groups that submitted their candidacy.

Teva plunges after losing exclusivity on epilepsy drug
Losses 32% or $7 billion of its market value in past four months. Will announce Q3 results in two weeks.

Cisco poised to acquire Finjan Software
Continuing its investments in Israel


Bring back the hangman
Israel needs the death penalty in its arsenal against today’s generation of criminals, who, as proven by the Azar case, will stop at nothing, including the premeditated assassination of a judge just to prove a point. The point has been made, its time to have the death penalty on the books.

The battle over Arafat’s legacy
Hamas would argue that the Palestinian leader was the father of terrorism. The moderates would say he also paved the way for recognition and reconciliation. We should support the moderates. It is in our interest and in the interest of the Palestinians as well.

A justified alliance
The secular left wing believes the bond between Christian evangelicals in the US and the settlers is odd. In fact, there is nothing odd about it.

Prime ministers on hold
Just as Netanyahu is worthy of being prime minister in spite of his weaknesses, so too is Ehud Barak worthy of leading Labor back to power.

God fearing or fearing God
Secular Jews have gone from no longer being God fearing to actively fearing God.

Disengagement Without Withdrawing Settlers
Israel can withdraw from Gaza without risking civil war

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